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Nowadays, stress and daily tension are commonplace. Most people live under this toxic influence without even realizing that they are in a spiral. However, it is always possible for them to become aware of it and to reconnect to their true nature.

Until a few years ago, meditation was still considered a singular practice and not always well regarded. Today, people who do not practice it are almost considered backward. And studies attesting to the many benefits of this practice give all the more reason to the first Western practitioners. We still have a lot to learn from civilizations that have cultivated this ancestral wisdom for centuries.

You can also find in our store a multitude of gemstones with diverse and varied virtues. Within the framework of the blog, we will unveil a certain number of them. However, we encourage you to trust your intuition when it comes to choosing one. Obviously, the properties of the stone can be an important element, but the most important thing is that you feel an affinity with the crystal or stone that attracts you the most.

Music is undeniably one of the most profound constants throughout cultures. This is about satisfying our natural need to delight our ears and harmonize sounds to induce emotional states, to the point of modifying the consciousness of reality. This is why we offer you a multitude of instruments with diverse sounds and cultures.

This is your home. Zen is a practice that is dear to our hearts and we wish to spread it to as many people as possible.


This rather oriental ancestral practice has finally taken a considerable place in our western countries. And it is not by chance. Serious studies are there to attest to the almost unlimited benefits of this practice. Whether it is for concentration, serenity, success or overall well-being, meditation has now become a must for a growing number of followers.

It is all the more salutary in our ultra-connected societies, where the cults of instantaneity, permanent movement and omnipresent information reign. This practice challenges all these dogmas and brings us a certain amount of humility. It invites us to silence, to inner peace and to the cultivation of our spiritual essence.

Unlike most current practices and remedies, especially in the West, this practice simply requires time, concentration and letting go. These effects are sensitive and not very perceptible, but their power is absolutely undeniable. You only have to look at the results of analyses done on the brains of people who practice regularly to become aware of this. We strongly encourage you to start practicing if you have not already done so.


It is said that crystals contain diverse and varied properties, adapted to all sorts of daily ailments. Whether they are physical, mental or emotional. Whether we believe it or not, these stones have an aura of their own. We can feel it when we observe them and handle them closely.

Resulting from a sedimentation of several thousands and even millions of years, they carry in them the identity of our beautiful planet. In its most remarkable diversity and variety, aesthetic and inspiring. Mixtures of copper, aluminum, magnesium, silica, calcium, titanium or carbon, they transmit to us through the years their memory of a physical and spiritual reality to be explored.

You can find in our store a multitude of these magnificent witnesses of the earthly beauty. Whether in the form of stones, rough, polished and bracelets that you can take and wear where you want. Either way, be aware of their presence and the impact they can have on you. As said before, whether you believe in them or not, their influence quickly becomes undeniable. The main thing is to listen to yourself and follow your best intuition when it comes to choosing the right one for you.


If there is one art form that transports us instantly and can influence our psyche and emotions, it is music. Its power is sometimes slightly underestimated. Its quasi-permanent presence almost everywhere, mixed with the noises and other more or less pleasant sounds of everyday life, makes us forget its special features. Depending on its interpreters and the intention behind it, it can be capable of the worst as well as the best.

However, at GetinZen, we of course prefer to focus on the second proposal. Accompanying your meditation, it can help guide you into an absolutely extraordinary state of mind. If you want to motivate yourself in a personal or business project, it will give you strength and courage. By playing it yourself, you will develop your creativity, your pleasure and communicate it to those who hear you. Also you may learn that music is considered as a doping agent in sports. It is not surprising when you notice the almost instantaneous and sometimes radical effect that certain rhythms and melodies can have on us.

You will find in our store a multitude of instruments, wind, percussive and Tibetan bowls. They produce sounds that can really do you good. So remember to surround yourself with the music that inspires you and does you the most good. Again, trust your instinct, don’t follow sterile and commercial fashions, but focus on your essence and your intimate beliefs to discover the most beautiful acoustic illustrations of your most pleasant and desirable aspirations.


Your inner appearance is important, but the outer appearance and your environment are also obviously essential. Often your environment will reflect what is going on in your mind. For instance, if you live in a particularly messy place, it will surely be the same in your mind. Conversely, a perfectly tidy and structured place will have positive consequences on the way you perceive things and your mental organization.

Whatever the case, it is important to take great care of your environment and the decoration that inhabits it. Your living space is like a temple. Each piece counts. Every intention can manifest itself in the physical world, which can also contribute to the shaping of your intention. It is a cycle that is potentially virtuous as well as potentially vicious as we noted above.

Whatever your culture, beliefs and rituals, it is essential that you design your place according to your deepest aspirations and personality. Although we are always influenced by various figures, trends, close friends and fashions, it is always good to refocus on ourselves and remember what inspires us the most in the deepest. Meditation can be one of the best practices to reach the states of consciousness necessary for this newfound harmony.


Finally, the cultural dimension of your practices and your habits like your rituals is essential. Without being obliged to limit yourself to a single religion or culture, it is important to know how to situate yourself. On the one hand to identify with one or more communities, to feel part of a whole, but also to positively develop one’s spirituality, practices, evolution and knowledge of the world.

Here we are inspired mainly by the Zen culture and what is generally related to meditation, serenity and the pursuit of an infinite spiritual quest. That being said, everything is linked and analogies can be found in all religions, cultures and spiritual practices. This is done beyond the often illusory temporal and geographical boundaries.

In the end, it is essential to identify with an ideal.

Peacefully yours 🙂

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